The Hand that Rocks the Curly Hair

The Deva Curl Diffuser Is Simply Brilliant!



Okay, okay, whoever invented the Deva Curl Hair Diffuser, step right up and take a bow! I mean really, you thought out of the box here.

The Deva Curl Hair Diffuser is simply brilliant!

First, it leaves your canopy basically untouched and gets right to your roots.  If you have thick, curly hair, you know how long it takes for those roots to dry….all day!  But not anymore–not with the Deva Diffuser.

I discovered this product about four months ago, and I think it is helping my hair to grow out faster and healthier.  Curly girls are all about leaving the moisture in the follicle, and this little do-mommy succeeds.

The big, green hand of a super masseuse. I love showing this product off to friends and family.  They’re like….WHAT the?!?


But it feels so good and is just perfect for drying the roots and leaving the canopy, basically, untouched. I saw a review that said theirs melted.  I don’t get it.  Mine doesn’t come close to melting.  It’s tough as nails.  I can’t even imagine the kind of heat it would take to melt this thing! Like, the flames of hell?  It seems pretty indestructible to me.

You may want to check out the specs before buying to insure your blowdryer nozzle fits into its arm.  It has an elastic-y part that seems to fit about just anything, but better safe than sorry.  You can also buy it with a hairdryer, if you’re worried.  It comes in this set. (click on link).


Genius, I tell you!


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