A Faster Way to Dry Curls: the Bonnet Hair Dryer

As my readers know, when winter hit, the drying time for my curls became an outrageous five hours. 😱 I even straightened my hair several times when I needed a wash, but didn’t have time to dry.

But one day, something triggered a memory of an old bonnet hair dryer my mom would set me under. Something like this–

I didn’t know if they made them anymore, but a quick google search brought up this–

And so I did this–

And got super shiney curls and dry hair in less than an hour.

The hair dryer was a little loud, but I didn’t mind. I set a phone and a book beside me before I started. The bonnet was scratchy on my forehead, so I made a band from toilet paper.

The new machines are cheap and ugly compared to the bonnet dryers of our mothers and grandmothers. My bonnet ripped, probably from taking it in and out of the little compartment, but I was able to return it to Amazon for a brand new unit. I tried to just return the bonnet, but that wasn’t an option.

Here’s a short video review of the unit. All in all, the bonnet is a great way to dry your curls and this bonnet seems as good as any other out there. I would be very careful returning the bonnet to the compartment or do what I’m doing now–storing it outside the unit–just to be extra safe. Laila Ali Bonnet Dryer Review. $36.99 on Amazon.

Laila Ali Bonnet Hairdryer Review


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